Congo DRC

The International League for the Defense of the Rights of Congolese Women in partnership with

the Amba-Tshi Mutamba Foundation intervenes in

Kinshasa in the Nsele commune (Bibwa) since March 22, 2020


LIDDFC Don pour la COVID-19

A team made up of the foundation's school director, teachers and a nurse educate the public about the coronavirus.

Since March 22, two operations have started:

  • the distribution of disinfectant soap for the prevention of coronavirus;

  • raising awareness of preventive measures in Lingala and French;

Following the announcement of confinement of the Congolese population (for 4 weeks) by the government, without a food supply solution, there is a serious risk of increasing undernourishment and an acceleration of the pandemic.


This is why the LIDDFC and the Amba-Tshi Mutamba Foundation decided to provide basic food aid to the Congolese population (rice, sugar, tea, breads) in addition to the health awareness campaign.


A budget per day and

per person from 15 euros

is necessary


The Congolese need you!


"We all have something of the Congo in us!"